Perhaps solace can be found in the furthest reaches of the Atacama Desert where the Mano del Desierto stands, bursting forth from beneath the sand.

Perhaps solace is a salt encrusted skull sitting in a bed of fresh snow.

At what moment does a tree decide to shed its leaves? How does a tree determine which leaf to drop first? Do the leaves let go, or is it the tree that lets them go? What pattern does a falling leaf follow?

The heliacal rising of Sirius occurs when the brightest star we see returns to the realm of visibility after a season of retreat. It is identified as a dim glow above the eastern horizon appearing just before sunrise, and remains there until sunlight overtakes the sky.

Morton Feldman once wrote a piece called The King of Denmark. His instruction for playback:

This recording should be played at very low volume –
"so that you almost don’t hear it"

Such is music for the curious, and silence to the rest.