Hello, it's me

My name is Joanne. I'm an interdisciplinary creative producer specializing in creative direction, art direction, and design.

I love collaborating with artists, most recently while leading cross-functional branding projects for healthcare companies and organizations in the US. Artists Remaking Medicine emerged as an offshoot of this work.

I also love sound and personal storytelling. What else do we have at the end of our years?

Currently operating from Canada, will travel.


Every few years this book floats back into the foreground of my life and asks to be re-read.


Not Tomorrow
Made a new mixtape for you.


The Bear
Still enthralled by S2E4 "Honeydew"!


Creative/Art Direction, Branding + Design

Uncommon Bold
Anatomy Financial, Blue Shield of California, Civitas Networks for Health, DexCare, Elation Health, FJA, Hana Hou Medical Group, Intrepid Ascent, Kindred at Home (CenterWell Home Health), Leap Orbit, Lyra Health, Manifest MedEx, Osmind, Procedure Press

Book + Cover Design

Procedure Press
Artists Remaking Medicine (2023), MIPS Manual (2019, 2020), FemInEM Ideas Exchange "Design Your Own Book Cover" booth (2019)

Design Consulting

ArisGlobal, Bricault Design, Chegg, CCS Medical, Consortium for State and Regional Interoperability, COTA Healthcare, Studio Linear, Wheel


National Film Board of Canada + POV Spark
A Portrait of Tracy (2021)