Looking back on the past two years of working on INVERSES, I find myself wondering why I created such a project to begin with.

INVERSES began at a point in my life when I was losing someone important to me to complications from a brain tumour. We met for lunch shortly before he passed away. Between small, painful bites of food, he told me in various ways to stop being apologetic about what I want to achieve. He told me that it’s okay to say “I don’t know”.

On the night I learned of his passing, I listened to a mix CD that he made several years back which consisted of orchestral music and readings of several poems. It was in that moment that I think INVERSES took shape. The project is ultimately a farewell to a person gone too soon, but it has also become a source of comfort, courage, and purpose in his absence.

To give you a sense of who he was and the kind of humour he was best known for, here’s a life lesson from Jeremy himself:

In addition to it making your clothes spiffy for gigs, I’ve also used an iron to smooth out crumpled music from my folio and on the odd occasion to heat up a piece of pizza. Is that weird? I recommend using the iron for your clothes, then the music, and finish with the pizza – mixing up the order of things could have grave consequences for the obvious reasons.

Be good to yourself and to the ones around you.


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