Signed, Sealed, (Mostly) Delivered


Signed, Sealed, (Mostly) Delivered


It’s been quite a while since our previous update, and what a while it has been…

With the help of our printer Chester, we managed to get all the books and packaging materials shipped in time for July. Throughout the month, the room in which I normally reside became something of a warehouse depot, and my daily schedule involved packing like a mad woman while watching Netflix and pausing to cross-check with an excel sheet every three minutes.

I’m happy to report that 95% of the North America/Southern Hemisphere/Europe orders have been now shipped out, and that orders from Asia are soon on their way. The only major thing left is for Kyu to craft and send the Limited Edition box sets which we are aiming to accomplish by October.

After two years of not knowing whether any of this would come to fruition, our current feeling of achievement is akin to this:



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