The Project


INVERSES is the tale of a nomadic cardboard box whose inner life unfolds on the outside. Told from a first person point-of-view, our character’s journey is a study on the nature of thoughts and feelings, of hope and memory, of discovery and loss – things which often exist as two sides of the same coin, though the distinctions between them are never quite so clear. The storybook, written by Joanne Lam and illustrated by Kyu Hwang, also serves as the foundation for INVERSES as a multi-sensory project. The complete package of items includes a soundtrack of soundscapes by Robin Rådenman with songs by Lindsay Olsen, a trio of bespoke scents by Jacqueline Steele, plus graphic design by Nazara Lázaro to tie it all together. Like stars in a constellation, each component of INVERSES can stand alone, but together they form a narrative experience greater than the sum of its parts. INVERSES is everything in between.

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