Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the idea behind the title?

The relationship between opposing states and perspectives (eg. empty/full, inside/outside) is a major underlying thread throughout the story, hence INVERSES.


What’s the story about?

Give this mixtape a listen to get a feel for the moods and themes that we explore throughout the project (there’s a song from our soundtrack at the end).


Why a multi-sensory project? 

Kyu and I originally planned to self-publish a storybook only. As we began discussing ideas, however, we felt an urge to explore beyond the book format. We looked to filmmaking for inspiration since it is also a visual medium based on writing, and films enrich the storytelling experience through music and sound (something we wanted to try). That’s when we recruited Lindsay and Robin for their respective talents.

INVERSES became a truly multi-sensory endeavour when our perfumer Jacqueline came on board. Her work adds a uniquely visceral dimension to our story since scent is closely related to memory. Jacqueline has written a bit about her process on our blog.

Our final team member, Nazara, was responsible for the lovely graphic design on our website, which you will also see on all our packaging materials. 


How did you manage to create INVERSES?

Through hundreds of hours of Skype meetings across multiple time zones between strangers. It’s true – most of us have never met each other before, let alone in person. This was as much an independent artistic collaboration as it was an experiment in trust, communication, project management, and logistics… plus lots of trial and error. After all, we’re not a publisher, or a record label, or a studio 🙂


Why is your main character a cardboard box?

While living in Toronto, I (Joanne) noticed many cardboard boxes marked “FREE” left by the curbside. In the morning they’d be filled with unwanted items – books, appliances, clothing, toys – and by evening most things would be gone, everything taken to a new home except for the box.

Later in the year, I found myself walking behind a father and his son on a residential street. The little boy, perched like a king in his stroller, ordered his dad to stop at every box along the way. He absolutely had to find out what was inside even though some clearly had nothing in them. What could one possibly discover in an empty cardboard box?

These two observations largely influenced our character as it exists in INVERSES. And no, our character doesn’t have a name, nor does it have a gender. It is what it is – a cardboard box!


Where was everything produced?

The books were printed in Hong Kong with specialty papers, the scents were designed and hand poured in LA in Jacqueline’s laboratory, and the CDs were pressed and packaged in Vancouver.

The music was recorded by Lindsay in an LA studio (with the same piano used by Supertramp). The soundscapes were designed by Robin in Stockholm, making use of various field recordings sourced from the UK/France by Antoine Bertin. Nazara designed our graphics while in Berlin, and the audiobook was recorded by Joanne inside a Toronto cinema with Kat Hui as the narrator. The illustrations were drawn in graphite and ink, then digitally edited by Kyu in Seoul.


I missed the fundraiser. Can I still order a book or package?

Yes, but we only have a limited number of copies left! Please visit our humble web shop and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request while quantities last.


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